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    1. Men’s Development Series - “Mirror Man / Window Man”

    a. Three phases / primary, intermediate advanced on a rotating basis.

    b. To develop a man’s character so as to maximize his manhood.

    c To encourage a man to “look in the mirror” and to be honest with himself, to acknowledge his “challenges” and how to overcome them.

    d. Once a man can internalize his shortcomings, we then stimulate discussion using a structured curriculum in a classroom atmosphere, using books, workbooks, handouts, videos as well as having professional speakers.

    e. Community involvement. We venture into various neighborhoods to minister to men to raise awareness of what the group has to offer.

    f. We work with men at various men’s homeless shelters to mentor said men and assist them in re-establishing themselves in the community.

    g. Men of Courage also mentors / develops “Restored Citizens”.

    2. Youth Mentoring Series – Outside The Outerbelt (OTO)

    a Men are required to complete a 6-hour youth mentoring certification program through the Mentoring Center of Central Ohio (background checks are completed on Federal, State and County levels).

    b. Men of Courage has established a mentoring series that trains adult men to become mentors to youth (ages 11-18). Outside The Outerbelt offers support individually and in a group setting. Some of activities include a structured development curriculum, various sporting events / venues, fishing, bowling, camping, cultural and educational events). Mentors are required to agree to a one year commitment to ensure relationship building to become a positive role model in that individual’s life. The goal of Outside The Outerbelt is to not only assist with guidance, but to also develop the mentees to eventually become mentors and give back to the community.

    c. Men are also offered the opportunity to volunteer for the Franklin County Children Services SIMBA Volunteer Program (background checks are also completed for this program).